Our innovation of Comfort Steering System (CSS)

Manitou presents its CSS (Comfort Steering System) adaptive power steering system. This is the first intelligent adaptive power steering system on 4-wheel steered trucks. This innovation, adapted to the agricultural telescopic handler ranges, allows you to make a complete change of direction in just one turn of the steering wheel.

Get optimum steering comfort

Since its inception, Manitou has done everything possible to improve your comfort within its material handling machines. Several innovations have recently improved the ergonomics of the driver's cabs. The CSS (Comfort Steering System) adaptive power steering system is one of the solutions that considerably improve comfort on board Manitou equipment.

Our CSS system is available on the MLT/MLT-X 840/1040/961 range. Check the compatibility of your Manitou machine!

This inventive system has been designed to reduce the number of steering wheel rotations made by the operator during heavy loading applications. Repeated shoulder, elbow and wrist movements are responsible for 55% of musculoskeletal disorders in farm machinery operators.

Reducing the number of turns of the steering wheel, the CSS system considerably reduces fatigue and improves driver concentration.

The CSS is available as an option on your MLT machines. It is currently a unique and patented solution on the market for telescopic telehandlers for the agricultural sector. Increase your productivity and gain comfort in your daily use thanks to this Manitou innovation at the cutting edge of technology!

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« I load trailers faster while reducing arm fatigue. I really see the difference at the end of the day thanks to the CSS power steering. »

What are the advantages of CSS for operators?

Our CSS (or Comfort Steering System) adaptive power steering system provides professionals with several advantages:

  • More performance: 12% increase in hourly productivity during loading applications
  • More comfort: 40% reduction in the number of steering wheel revolutions per hour. This contributes to the direct reduction of fatigue and stress on the back, shoulders, elbows and wrists.
  • More efficiency: better overall handling for all applications
  • More safety: provides better stability to the machine, and guarantees steering adapted to the speed of the machine as well as the boom angle.

To improve your comfort, Manitou has developed several other innovative systems for its handling machines: adaptive air suspension seat limiting back pain, curved flooring with Easy Step for extra safety when getting out of the cabin, and SafeView camera package providing perfect 360-degree visibility...

You can also find online all the latest innovations created by Manitou to improve the performance and the TCO (total cost of ownership) of its agricultural telescopic handlers.

Would you like to benefit from our CSS adaptive steering system on your agricultural telescopic handler? Contact your Manitou dealer! Our professionals will respond to your needs as quickly as possible and implement solutions adapted to your requirements.

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