Our range of SC Aerial work platforms

The SC range offers you three models of scissor lifts with combustion engine. These Manitou lifting solutions combine power, compactness and off-road maneuverability. With a capacity for up to 4 operators, SC scissor lifts make your operations at height safe, whatever your business constraints. Discover all their performances!


Manitou SC aerial platforms

manitou aerial work platform 120sc application elevate

Are you looking for a high-performance lifting solution to carry out your handling / maintenance operations at height? The SC range meets your requirements! Designed by Manitou, these aerial work platforms have all the necessary features to facilitate your work and ensure maximum safety conditions for operators.

The SC platforms are equipped with a double scissor with articulated arm. Their wide basket (2790 x 1600 mm) offers operators a spacious and comfortable operating space - each model has a basket extension of 1500 mm.

These high performance models also feature 4-wheel drive and an active oscillation system, giving them good off-road capabilities and a high gradeability (up to 40%).

The SC aerial work platforms are easy to handle. The compact design allows you to work at height in the most confined and difficult to access areas, regardless of the ground conditions. The self-levelling stabilizers are ideal for working on uneven ground.

Three models of scissor lifts are available in the SC range:

  • The 100 SC platform with a working height of up to 9.9 m; basket capacity: 680 kg (4 persons)
  • The 120 SC platform - working height max. 11.96 m; basket capacity: 454 kg (4 persons)
  • The 140 SC aerial platform - working height up to 14.2 m; basket capacity: 363 kg (3 persons)

Our SC scissor lifts have been designed with a unique basket size.

Discover our SC aerial work platforms

Advantages of SC scissor lifts

SC aerial work platforms offer a large number of advantages for professionals who use them on a daily basis:

  • Maximum safety for operators: non-slip aluminium floor, stabilizer, overload sensor with lift, shear protection when lowering the platform, tilt and descent alarms, double rotating beacon
  • Easy to use: large non-slip footboard, intuitive operator's platform, quick basket extension, compact design
  • All-terrain design: 4-wheel drive, active oscillation system
  • Great versatility of use: maintenance of industrial equipment, handling, storage...
  • Reduced maintenance: quick access to the various components, on-board self-diagnosis system, sheet metal cover easy to repair...

Manitou offers several other ranges of thermal access platforms for your construction sites and outdoor maintenance operations: articulated platforms, telescopic platforms, Man'Go platforms... Choose a model that meets your specific needs!

You wish to buy or rent a SC scissor lift ? Contact your Manitou dealer! Our professionals can help you in all stages of your project and implement solutions adapted to your situation.

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