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Handling pallets on a construction site is very common but can be a difficult activity: how to pick up pallets placed on uneven ground without damaging them? And how to adapt to different pallet sizes? Manitou's floating forks offer an economical and simple solution to these two challenges!

Carriages with floating forks

The ground on a construction site is almost always unevenly leveled on which many pallets are handled from the truck to storage and then from storage to the area of use. Handling with non-floating industrial-type forks can usually result in difficult gripping of pallets, bad placement of pallets and damage to the pallets themselves. The result: wasted time, unnecessary stress, broken pallets and sometimes damaged materials!

Since the invention of the telescopic handler in 1981, Manitou equips all of its construction (1) and heavy industrial (2) telescopic handlers with a TFF floating fork carriage. A simple and easy to use accessory, the TFF facilitates the handling of pallets on construction sites:

- Its eye forks are floating, and mounted on a mobile bar that tilts sideways. Result: the forks follow the ground, making it easier to pick up a pallet.

- It is equipped as standard with a load backrest, ensuring better load stability during transport.

- The fork spacing can be easily adapted.

- The forks can be locked in transport position, for greater safety on the road (kit ref. 211915, available in the spare parts shop). By using a TFF floating fork carriage on your construction sites, you save time with each pallet, and reduce the cost of damage to pallets (often consigned) and materials. A productive and profitable choice!

(1) : standard equipment on MT 733 to 1840 and on MRT 3050 and 2470. The MT 420 and MT 625 models are equipped with the optional TFF carriage. This attachment is also available as an option on the MRT Easy and Privilege.

(2) : The TFF floating fork carriage is standard on the MHT heavy-duty telescopic handlers from 9 to 23t.


Manitou's floating fork carriages are available in different widths:

- MT and MLT telescopic handlers: width 1030 mm (standard), 1300 mm + 1200 mm forks

- MLT 961 telescopic handler: 1495 mm wide, 1200 mm forks

- MRT rotating telescopic handlers: width 1030 mm, 1300 mm and 1800 mm, forks from 1200 mm to 2000 mm depending on model

- MHT 9t heavy-duty telescopic handlers: width 1425 mm (standard) and 2000 mm, forks from 1200 mm to 2000 mm

- MHT 13t and 18t heavy-duty telescopic handlers: width 1750 mm (standard) and 2500 mm, forks from 1200 to 2400 mm

- MHT 23t heavy-duty telescopic handler: width 2000 mm (standard) and 2500 mm, forks 1800 mm and 2400 mm


Other fork lengths are available through the Special Solutions service, contact your Manitou dealer.

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