Our range of Fork carriages

Placing long loads in inaccessible areas? No problem! The ISO 90°/90° fork carriage 1500kg allows long loads to be handled lengthwise and placed on sloping areas, e.g. a pallet of sandwich panels on a roof.

Do you break out in a cold sweat when you pass a pallet of sandwich panels in a narrow aisle and put it on a sloping roof? Not us! Our ISO / FEM tilting fork carriage offers 90° left/right rotation and makes handling long loads easier:

  • Long loads can be transported lengthwise and can be slid between 2 buildings.
  • Sandwich panels can be placed directly on a sloping surface (roof) by rotating the attachment and digging out the machine deck.
  • Misaligned pallets can be easily recovered.

Pallet placement through narrow openings (windows) no longer needs to be perfectly aligned with them, no need to move the MRT!

With a capacity of 1500kg it can handle the majority of pallets on a building site.

Thanks to the ISO 90°/90° rotating deck, your MRT becomes more agile! The ISO 90°/90° rotating carriage is recommended for the following applications:

  • Siding and roofing with sandwich panels
  • Secondary works: handling of plasterboard (and placing of pallets of this material through openings in buildings under construction)
  • Timber and steel structure: work in the workshop, unloading trucks and supplying the site (handling of long loads in narrow areas), up to 1500 kg.
  • All industrial applications requiring the handling of long loads
  • And on all construction sites using pallets: saving storage space and making it easier to supply the construction site.


For the handling of long loads, Manitou offers the ISO 1500 kg 90°/90° deck and the 360° rotating deck (continuous rotation, capacity 400 kg in front and 2500 kg in rotation). Two allies of your daily productivity!

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