Our range of Fork Positioners

When handling wide palletized loads, the forks must be able to be moved far apart from the truck to gain stability. These wide spacers for Manitou MI forklift truck offer synchronized fork movement up to 1720 mm spacing, while ensuring good visibility and excellent protection of their components.

Fork Positioners

Adapting a mast truck to wide palletised loads is a challenge: the forks must be widely spaced to ensure good stability, but without increasing the width of the truck, which must remain versatile. Fork positioners (wide width positioners) meet this double demand:

  • Large maximum fork spacing (max. 1720 mm) for the widest loads.
  • Possibility to stay within the truck's gauge to move standard pallets in aisles.

Like all Manitou-certified accessories, it offers you :

  • A perfect machine/accessory fit.
  • Factory assembly, a guarantee of total integration (load plate, hydraulics etc.).
  • A solid and durable design.
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The fork positioner is used when part of the loads to be handled require the forks to be spread beyond the width of the truck, while keeping the width unchanged to be able to circulate in narrow aisles.

When a large fork spacing is not expected by the operator, a hydraulic fork positioner will be sufficient.