Our range of Side-shift fork carriage

For more efficient handling of palletized loads, Manitou offers a range of load backrest and side shifting. High pallets are stabilized, and precise pallet placement is faster.

Our side-shift forks

Backrest: stability for long loads

Some pallets require support during handling to gain stability: high and very light pallets of insulation, unstable pallets of bricks. Manitou therefore offers load backrests on its fork-carriers to better stabilize all your loads:

- The backrest is a standard feature of Manitou machines. floating fork carriage TFF

- The tilting fork carriage PFB can also be fitted with a backrest, bolted or held by pins depending on the version.

- All Manitou mast trucks can be fitted with a backrest, regardless of the width of their carriage.

Lateral displacements: placement accuracy

For precise placement of palletized loads, Manitou offers side shift movements on its machines:

- Mast trucks: integrated or attached side shift (depending on the machine).

- Floating fork carriage TFF (MRT and MT telescopic forklift handlers): dedicated versions with sides hift carriage.

- On a heavy telescopic MHT, sideshift is offered as an option on the floating fork positioners.

- PFB tilting fork carriage: in accordance with ISO/FEM standard, each PFB can be equipped with a material displacement. For more safety and simplicity, Manitou offers PFBs equipped with a side shift at the factory. They benefit from the validation of each machine/accessory couple carried out by Manitou teams.