Our range of Big Bag Handler

Big bags are everywhere: construction sites, farms, factories etc. And yet their handling, most of the time on forks, leaves a great risk: falling, destabilization of the truck etc. Our Manitou big bag handler offers real safety at work, improving the efficiency of big bag handling with ease!

Big Bag Handler

Risks of handling big bags on forks are::

  1. Danger of the big bag falling and being crushed when the sharp angle of the forks damages the big bag straps,
  2. Having to raise the mast of the truck high, which threatens its stability, or the telescopic arm, which limits not only stability but also right-hand visibility,
  3. Lose money and time when damaging semi-trailers with the boom head of the telescopic trolley, which is raised high to lift the bags,
  4. Carrying a suspended load with an equipment/accessory that is not designed for this purpose.

There is a simple solution: the Manitou big bag handler

  • Security:
    • an accessory dedicated to suspended loads, meeting all the normative expectations.
    • 100% tubular structure for maximum respect of the big bags
    • stops to prevent the bags from falling out in the event of sudden braking or unwanted spillage movement
    • arm lowered during transport on telescopic handler = visibility maintained to the right
    • machine/accessory torque validated by Manitou, chart available
  • Productivity :
    • maximum capacity of 4 single-handled big bags of 600 kg or 1 big bag with 4 handles of 2400 kg
    • design for faster bag pick-up and loading cycles
  • Stability:
    • stabilizer in the lower part limiting the swing of the bags
    • attachment form limiting the lift-height of the mast / arm
  • Economy :
    • more risk of damage to semi-trailers when unloading
  • Simplicity:
    • 100% steel accessory, without hydraulics or sensor
  • Performance:
    • available on Manitou telescopic handlers and on some masted trucks (FEM/ISO coupling available from the Special Solutions department)

Optimal productivity and maximum safety: daily performance with the Manitou big bag handler!

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