Our range of Frame mounted hooks

Loads suspended on forks? Because your safety is non-negotiable, Manitou offers a range of jibs, simple and competitive accessories that ensure faultless safety when handling suspended loads. Short and light, they do not limit the maneuverability of the machines and keep the maximum capacity of the machine.

Our hook jibs

Handling suspended loads is one of the most risky activities on a construction site or in an industrial process. And one of those where mistakes are most often made: handling on forks with the risk of the load slipping or the straps being cut, and damage to the forks, and sometimes even handling directly on the "ears" of the machine's forks. Caution danger! Practice and regulations agree: lifting suspended loads requires suitable accessories, dedicated to this purpose!

What about safety?

Aware of the need to offer a solution to these problems, Manitou offers a range of "PC" jibs on all its MT and MRT rotating telescopic handlers. Designed in full compliance with the specific regulations for suspended loads, equipped with an approved self-locking hook mounted on a swivel that can operate under load, the PC jib guarantee faultless safety on building sites. And like all Manitou original attachments, they benefit from the validation of each machine/attachment couple by Manitou's R&D teams.

Simple and competitive

With their simple and proven design, PC hook jibs are an efficient and competitive solution. Solid and durable, they will remain at your service for many years to come.

Retained capacity

Manitou offers jibs on its machines with a capacity at least equal to that of the carrier machine and as they are short and light, the maximum capacity of the carrier machine is not limited.

discover our hook jibs

Manitou recommends PC hook jib for ALL suspended load applications that do not require a specific accessory, such as a winch or extension jib. Why should I use them? Because their use greatly improves the safety of overhead load handling: no more risk of slipping loads, or breaking straps, for safe work for nearby operators. This accessory combines safety, performance and competitiveness.