Our range of High capacity jib

You handle heavy or even very heavy suspended loads. You demand faultless safety and performance on a daily basis. Manitou has the solution for you: our heavy-duty 3-hook jib provide real versatility through the choice of the capacity/shift ratio, and a design that guarantees optimum safety.

Heavy 3 hook jib

Suspended charging is highly regulated:

  1. The accessories must be designed for this use, meeting, static and dynamic load requirements.
  2. The hooks used must comply with the regulations and be able to turn under load to avoid any destabilisation of the machine.
  3. The machine must be equipped with at least one system to cut off aggravating movements.
  4. The machinery must be fitted with a load chart for the accessory used.

That's why Manitou offers simple and safe 3 hook jibs:

  • Maximum capacity from 9 to 25t at the 1st hook. Capacity from 2 to 10t at maximum offset.
  • Approved hooks mounted on swivel swivel under load
  • 3 capacities with 3 offsets: allows both the taking of heavy loads in front of you and the positioning of offset loads.
  • Super strong "H" structure
  • Accessories designed to meet all design standards
  • Manitou approved machine/accessory torque, plus machines with a "suspended load" mode for greater safety.
  • Full load plate (3 capacities)

With Manitou's heavy-duty 3 hook cranes, gain efficiency without compromising on safety!

The presence of 3 hooks makes it possible to adapt to all situations:

  • Use of the 1st hook at maximum capacity, for heavy loads
  • Use of the 2nd or 3rd hook for bulky loads due to the additional offset
  • Use of a load-supporting hook and a second one to prevent the load from turning on itself