Our range of Telescopic jib with winch

The Manitou PT800 telescopic jib with winch offers you the best of both worlds: a powerful (max. 1000 kg) and fast (48 m/min) jib with winch for efficient handling of your suspended loads. And a significant offset (from 4 to 7 m) to place them further away.

Telescopic jib with winch

The use of a jib with winch on a rotating telescopic handler makes it possible to combine the working comfort of a winch with the offset of a jib crane. Suspended loads are lifted without jib movement, improving speed and accuracy. No need for a crane, benefiting from the versatility and mobility of MRTs. However, certain site configurations make the maximum offset of "fixed" jib cranes (4 m) insufficient.

Manitou therefore offers a telescopic winch jib, to place suspended loads even further (maximum offset: 7 m), while keeping a limited folded dimension (minimum offset: 4 m) for easy movement.

Uncompromising safety

Like all Manitou suspended load attachments, the PT 800 telescopic jib with winch has been designed to meet the highest design standards. It has an automatically approved hook, a negative brake on the winch and a start/end stop system. Each machine/accessory couple is validated by Manitou.

High-flying performance

The PT 800 jib with winch has a reliable and fast hydraulic winch (maximum hook speed: 48 m/min), heir to Manitou's significant experience in this field. Its speed, coupled with precise movements, makes it possible to quickly lift and then finely place all suspended loads. The extension of the jib, carried out using a manual winch placed on top of the attachment, is simple and quick, and allows the exact offset required to be chosen. The maximum capacity of the accessory (1000 kg at 4 m, 800 kg at 7 m) makes it possible to lift the majority of suspended loads present on building sites, with the exception of the heaviest structural elements, which are usually picked up with a winch.

Guaranteed strength

The structure of the jib and winch are designed to withstand heavy use under site conditions. The location of the hydraulic winch, as well as that of the manual winch and the telescopic extension, ensures optimum protection against dirt, thus limiting the risk of blockage.

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Applications with the jib crane

The PT 800 jib crane is recommended for the following applications:

  • Timber framing: handling and placement of trusses, purlins and other structural elements
  • Steel structure: handling of beams and other pre-assembled elements constituting the structure.
  • Cladding: lifting of sandwich panels etc. (with use of a vacuum lifting device, not supplied by Manitou)
  • Maintenance of industrial installations: handling of various parts.

And for all applications requiring an offset of more than 4 m and winch work.