Our spare parts solutions Hydraulics, the key to your Manitou tool holder

Manitou has developed hydraulic components, hoses, connectors and quick couplers for attachments in full compliance with Manitou's quality and safety standards.

The hydraulic hose is a very important part of your machine: it circulates under high pressure the hydraulic fluid which allows you to set in motion the key bodies of your machine: boom, cylinder, bucket, etc., movements that are essential for your handling needs. There are different types of hydraulic hoses: single layer, double layer... but only Manitou original hoses are suitable for your machine: they correspond exactly to the need for resistance to pressure and pressure peaks of the components in operation.

Why only use Manitou hydraulic hoses?

The Manitou design office has worked on each hose to give it precise and safe specifications according to the usual pressures and pressure peaks experienced by the hose during the use of the identified machine.

Each hose is approved for a given diameter and certified anti-seepage. Manitou hoses are complex: selected for their robustness to pressure and their flexibility property so as not to impede the movements of the machine, Manitou hoses are the only ones suitable for your type of machine.

What are the risks of not using original hydraulic parts?

First of all, all hoses must be of the same brand: same quality, same approval certificates and tested only for your machine.

Improper hose selection can create hazards and affect the performance and durability of your machine. Lower quality hoses can also create serious accident hazards for you and the people around the machine.

Original Manitou hoses can be recognized by the Manitou part number marking on the metal fittings. The maximum pressure is also marked on the hose, which is the approval criterion for the hose for your machine. They are delivered with plugs to avoid pollution of the components. Check your hoses regularly! Avoid any points of friction between them or rubbing on metal parts which would cause premature wear of the protective rubber.


With a simple visual inspection, check :

  1. The metal plies of the hose: any tear or abnormal wear of the rubber with the appearance of the metal plies indicates the urgent replacement of the hose.
  2. Hose color change: may indicate corrosion or chemical modification. It should be changed without delay.


Periodic inspection of your hoses helps you to avoid the risk of serious accidents caused by sudden and unexpected loosening or breaking of the hose. In case of doubt, your Manitou dealer is the only expert to advise you on the replacement of your hoses.

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