Our range of Hydraulic slewing cranes

Hydraulically swivelling jib 15° left / 15° right for more precise positioning of suspended loads.

Our hydraulic swing jib

Ensuring precise positioning of suspended loads is often a need, but sometimes a challenge. That's why Manitou offers its PO hydraulic swing jib, which provide a real plus in terms of precision. Precise positioning is made easier thanks to a 15°/15° rotation of their arm controlled by the machine's hydraulics. PO swing jibs facilitate the precise positioning of suspended loads. The use of a pressure relief valve ensures smooth operation, while the calibration of their hydraulic system guarantees precise movements.

Guaranteed safety

Because a suspended load is a challenge in terms of safety, Manitou designs its jibs in full compliance with the specific regulations for handling suspended loads, to guarantee its customers uncompromising safety. Like all Manitou jibs, the POs are equipped with a self-locking hook, mounted on a swivel that can rotate under load. And like all Manitou original accessories, PO slewing jibs benefit from the validation of each machine/accessory pair.

Adapted capacity

Manitou offers 3 models of hydraulic slewing jibs: 600 kg / 2500 mm offset, 1000 kg / 1500 mm and 2000 kg / 1000 mm. You can thus choose the accessory best suited to your working conditions.

Important: as the orientation of the load is done with a rotation and not a lateral displacement, a longitudinal movement is created, which the operator will have to compensate by using the telescopic arm of his machine.

discover the hydraulic swing jibs

Manitou recommends hydraulic slewing jibs for all activities requiring precise load placement:
- Steel and wood frame
- Assembly of wooden houses (factory prepared panels)
- Industrial Maintenance
- Assembly of industrial plants