Our range of Wrapped square bale clamps

Manitou has specially designed a clamp for handling wrapped square bales. Thanks to its telescopic structure, this attachment adapts to different bale sizes. Its flexible closure limits damage to the hay and allows precise and clean penetration into the protective film. Transport your hay bales easily thanks to the performance of our clamp!

Optimize the handling of your wrapped square bales

Transporting your wrapped square bales can be tricky. When handling, it is important to use suitable equipment to move and store the hay successfully, without damaging the protective film.

The Manitou wrapped square clamp is the equipment you need! Its top-of-the-range design allows you to lift, transport and store your production with care and speed. The closing system prevents perforation of the film and limits all damage. Thanks to its telescopic structure, it adapts to different bale sizes and offers a maximum opening of 2090 mm.

This model of clamp can also be used for handling round and unwrapped bales. The result is a versatile solution that will save you time and investment costs.

Several agricultural telescopic loaders are compatible with the wrapped square bale clamp: MLT 625, 630, 635, 733, 737, 741, 840, 940, 961, 1040 Check the compatibility of your machine before investing in a clamp!

Technical characteristics of the wrapped square bale clamps :

  • Load capacity: 1000 kg
  • Maximum opening : 2090 mm
  • Minimum opening: 740 mm
  • Arm length: 1811 mm
  • Weight: 483 kg
  • Telescopic structure adaptable to different bale sizes
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How do you put a ball clamp on your machine?

Manitou clamps are very easy to install on your machines. You can attach your attachment without tools in a few minutes, and without having to stop the engine! An ideal feature to save time on your working day, and improve the productivity of your operation.

With Manitou, you benefit from several models of clamps: super-compact bale clamp, classic bale clamp, wrapped bale clamp, intensive bale clamp... Find a range capable of precisely meeting your needs and discover our other accessories compatible with your wagon, whether grapple buckets, agricultural buckets, manure forks, bale forks or big bag handlers.

Contact your Manitou dealer to purchase a wrapped square bale clamp compatible with your MLT. Present throughout France, our professionals can help you at every stage of your project: purchasing accessories, customised financing solution and after-sales service, maintenance. Manitou teams are at your service at all times to help you find the accessory that will optimize your operations.

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