Our range of Environment Grapple Bucket

Environmental applications are very intensive. Manitou's range of environmental grapple buckets includes two models that are perfectly adapted to agricultural telescopic loaders dedicated to these applications. These attachments are very efficient due to their solidity and capacity. They allow to deliver the maximum performance of the machine/attachment couple.

Grapple buckets environment

Environmental applications

These applications generally refer to waste management. The work is carried out in intensive conditions due to abrasive materials and operators in a hurry, sometimes less careful. Indeed, it is necessary to work quickly because the more quantities are processed, the higher the turnover.

The advantages of Manitou environmental grapple buckets for our customers

Manitou environmental grapple buckets are designed for optimum productivity.

- They offer a large capacity of 1600 or 2200 litres depending on the farm telescopic handler on which they are mounted to handle bulk waste.

- These buckets are designed to move waste with a maximum density of 1000 kg/m3.

- They have a flat bottom for better penetration into the material.

- Reinforcements are built into the inside of the bucket, on the sides and underneath for durable work on surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

- Manitou environment grapple buckets are equipped with a reversible bolt-on wear blade for longer life.

Technical characteristics of the environment grapple buckets

Manitou environmental grapple buckets are designed to be very strong and durable.

- They have an integrated cap for better material holding.

- The grapple rotation stop is mechanical.

- The grapple tines are reinforced and it is possible to purchase a version with additional welded plates on these tines.

- A blade welded onto the grapple is available as an option through the Special Business Service for paper handling applications.

Check out our video just about the Manitou environmental grapple bucket.

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