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Increasingly, single-family house frames are made up of prefabricated trusses, delivered directly to the building site. Practical and competitive, they nevertheless represent a double safety issue. The JE 6000/600 dedicated extendable jib for trusses is the answer to this challenge!

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Handling prefabricated trusses with a non-dedicated accessories is a risk to operator safety:

- The handling of truss packages is done with the telescopic arm raised, which completely obstructs the visibility to the right. Danger of collision!

- The installation of a truss in its final position is carried out using a crane arm, to which the truss is attached with a chain.

This means that you have to climb onto the truss to unhook it, which puts the operator in danger of falling. Manitou has therefore designed a specific tool for trusses, the JE 6000/600 extendable jib, which meets the challenges of truss installation by providing a real increase in safety and performance:

An adapted angle

Simple but effective: the JE 6000/600 jib is mounted in a higher position than a normal extension jib. This position has been calculated to match the profile of the most common trusses. This means that when you move a packet of trusses on the construction site the machine arm remains in the lowered position, and visibility to the right is maintained. No more risk of accidents!

A single hook, approved

Manitou has developed a unique, approved hook for the JE 6000/600 extendable jib: it allows to take one or more trusses, position them in their final location and then release them, simply by lowering the machine arm or making a dumping movement. No need to climb on the truss to release the strap! Operators remain safe, the risk of falling is eliminated.

Further on

The JE 6000/600 extendable jib offers an offset of 4 to 6 m, for a capacity of 600 to 100 kg.

Uncompromising versatility

The JE 6000/600 jib is equipped with a "classic" self-locking rotating hook, allowing the safe handling of all other suspended loads up to 600 kg.

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