Our range of Hydraulic Winch

Your building sites require handling of suspended loads, but with the possibility of vertical movement? You don't want to use a mobile crane? By equipping your telescopic handler with an original Manitou hydraulic winch, you increase the versatility of your machine and have a simple and efficient solution.

Our hydraulic winches

Using an original Manitou hydraulic winch on your telescopic handler is at least 4 advantages for you:

1. Versatility advantage

Because your building sites use much more than pallets, you already use many accessories: fork carriage for palletized loads, buckets for bulk, jibs for suspended loads. With a hydraulic winch, you reach a new horizon: not only can you lift suspended loads, but also move them vertically as a mobile crane or tower crane would do. You access your targets from above, no longer just from the front. You can replace the work of a crane, and do more with the same machine. Your Manitou becomes the handyman of the construction site!

2. Profitability advantage

Using a hydraulic winch on a Manitou telescopic handler means doing more with the same machine. Your investment is better utilized, works more and generates more income. In a word: it pays off.

3. Safety advantage

Handling suspended loads is a risky activity, which must comply with particularly strict regulations. Designer and producer of its accessories, Manitou ensures the highest level of safety, from the drawing board to daily use: double braking (via hydraulic drive and via negative safety braking), start and end stops, quality cable, etc. When you choose a Manitou hydraulic winch, you can be sure that it is an accessory designed with safety in mind, and benefit from the validation of each machine/accessory couple by Manitou's R&D engineers.

4. Advantage offers

With a wide range of winches, from 3t to 7.2t, with or without mast (3t TD version), Manitou offers the solution for each of your needs.

discover our hydraulic winch

Manitou hydraulic winches are recommended for all suspended load applications. They can be used in the below applications: 

- On building sites of all kinds, both in individual and collective housing or in industrial or agricultural buildings.

- In metal or wood carpenters.

- On infrastructure sites, for site logistics, handling of branches.

- For industrial maintenance or infrastructure applications.