Our range of Large capacity agricultural grapple bucket

Our high capacity grapple buckets are designed for agricultural applications such as silage cutting, manure handling and bulk handling. They are equipped with a mechanically welded grapple the width of the bucket. It is the multifunctional tool of an agricultural telescopic handler (MLT).

Large capacity agricultural grapple buckets


High capacity accessories for heavy-duty agricultural machines

Manitou large capacity agricultural grapple buckets are designed for our agricultural telescopic handlers (MLT) with a capacity greater than 4 tons. They allow our agricultural telescopic handlers (MLT) to deliver maximum performance and productivity to our users.

More capacity for fewer loads and time savings

- Capacity has been increased for greater filling of grain and other bulk materials.
- Side tines are integrated into the grapple for better holding of material such as manure, hay or silage.

Unsurpassed strength

- Manitou's high capacity grapple buckets are designed to perform a high commitment of 75,000 loading cycles.
- For this purpose they are equipped with numerous reinforcements underneath, on the sides, inside and on the hook.
- The cylinders are protected for a better longevity.

Maximum security

They are imposing accessories. The 2000 litre version weighs 1225 kilograms and the 1600 litre version weighs 1357 kilograms.
- Their grapples are therefore equipped with a mechanical locking device for greater safety.
- They have a pressure relief valve that works in both directions: opening and closing.

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