Our range of Multipurpose Agricultural Bucket with Grapple- MS

Our range of multi-function welded grapple buckets is perfectly suited for the agricultural handling.
It is a particularly appreciated for handling manure, grass, straw or cereals with a maximum density of 1000 kg per m3.

Multipurpose Agricultural Bucket with Grapple

Manitou's range of agricultural machinery has evolved over the last few years with new models, new sizes and new capacities. That's why it was important to optimize our range of grapple buckets and to offer you the best possible performance.

Derived from the 1700 litre multipurpose bucket, the capacity of our entire range has been increased, which means fewer loads and better productivity for you. The angle has been optimized for optimum filling and emptying of the material.

We have harmonized the design taking into account the need for good visibility on your work.

This new range of mechanically welded grapple buckets is very efficient:

  • Solid: safety pins on all rotation points, protected cylinders, reinforced structure, an extra tooth on each side for better material holding.
  • Longer service life: bolt-on blade can be turned over, side teeth and flanks can be replaced
  • Multi-functional: it is the most complete attachment to meet the different needs of agricultural handling.

This range is available in widths from 1500 to 2450 mm with capacities from 850 to 1700 litres.

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The range is composed of buckets in 6 different sizes to be perfectly adapted to your machine.
The buckets are designed and certified for handling all bulk materials with a density of up to 1000 kg per cubic metre: grain, straw, hay, silage, manure, roots, tubers and fruit.