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Manitou Automatic Greasing System (AGS) - chassis + boom

The Automatic Greasing System (AGS) simplifies your life by eliminating the need for manual greasing operations. It also ensures the optimal lubrication of critical components (cylinders, boom, axles ...),thus optimizing machine uptime.

Depending on models, the AGS automatically greases the chassis (MLT NewAg/1041) or the chassis & boom head (MLT 841/961).

Customer challenge

Manual greasing operations can be long and complex with up to 30 greasing points per machine.

Some greasing points are sometimes difficult to access (i.e. boom head).

This innovation helps to reduce breakdowns:
  • More efficiency: 3 separate grease circuits with independent programming of grease quantity supplied during each cycle
  • More reliability: relatively low working pressure with limited number of distribution blocks
  • Better performance monitoring: low grease and empty tank warning, rotation control, pressure release valve