Special contract Defense

Manitou is the world leader in rough terrain material handling. For several decades, we have been putting our expertise at the service of defense and security players. Reliable, solid, resistant and high-performance, our machines provide you with solutions perfectly adapted to your needs, even in the most demanding conditions.

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Our complete range of masted forklifts, telescopic forklifts, on-board forklifts, aerial work platforms, loaders, stackers... allow us to be a strategic partner for the army. Our machines best meet the requirements of the armed forces in terms of military logistics (light, medium and heavy) and aeronautical maintenance, construction and maintenance, and storage and warehousing. Air transportable, our machines can be shipped by air to the four corners of the globe.

Our material handling solutions for defence and security

Logistical operations (e.g. humanitarian, military - OPEX - or peacekeeping actions) involve the handling of a wide range of equipment, foodstuffs and materials. Thanks to Manitou machines, these operations can take place whatever the weather conditions, and whatever the state and inclination of the terrain.

To build and maintain buildings, premises and barracks for the army, you will appreciate the quality of our M forklift trucks, MRT rotary telescopic forklift trucks and MT construction telescopic handlers.

Quantities of materials are received and stored in the army's supply stores before being shipped to the various units. Our ERS reach trucks, ES electric stackers and MSI and MI forklift trucks are particularly suitable for warehouse work.

Thanks to our worldwide network of dealers in more than 140 countries, our international support service guarantees that you can benefit from operational machines at all times.

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