Manitou MLA 4-50 H

Manitou MLA 4-50 H

Articulated loaders

1175 kg
1540 kg
2836 mm
48 Hp

Tough terrain? Tight spaces? The MLA 4-50 H can get you in and out of that tough jobsite and on to the next. The open canopy or closed cabin will give you perfect visibility 360° around the jobsite while you are fully protected in your working environment. If you are looking for extra comfort, the airconditioned version is what you are looking for. This machine is a true power pack for a high demanding operator!

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Static tipping load with bucket (straight)

1540 kg

Static tipping load with bucket (full turn)

1355 kg

Static tipping load with forks (straight)

1175 kg

Static tipping load with forks (full turn)

1030 kg

Max. height of bucket pivot point

2836 mm

Weight and dimensions

Unladen weight (with forks) with 4-post canopy

2316 kg


1650 mm

Overall cab width

991 mm

Overall height with 4 posts canopy

2258 mm

Dump reach - Full height

479 mm

Hood Height

1405 mm

Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised

3636 mm

Articulation angle

45 °

Maximum oscillation angle

10 °

Overall length with bucket

4279 mm

Overall width less bucket

1100 mm

Overall length - Less Bucket

3583 mm

Rear overhang

1120 mm

Dump angle - Fully raised

42 °

Dump Height - Fully Raised

2126 mm

Maximum Rollback Angle - Fully Raised

48 °

Maximum Rollback Angle at Ground

50 °

Digging Position

-79 mm

Ground clearance

320 mm

Clearance Radius - Front with Bucket

3246 mm

Clearance Radius - Less bucket

2767 mm

Ground Plane to Bucket Edge Height

2655 mm

Tread width (wheel center)

836 mm

Attachment Pivot Clearance

103 mm

Height from ground to axle center

214 mm

Bucket Width

1520 mm

Front Wheel Center to Pivot Pin

669 mm

Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised

2900 mm


Engine brand


Engine model


Engine norm

Stage V

Number of cylinders


I.C. Engine power rating / Power (kW)

48 Hp / 36 kW

Max. torque / Engine rotation

166 Nm / 1600 rpm

Engine cooling system



Transmission type


Number of gears (forward / reverse)

2 / 2

Max. travel speed (may vary according to applicable regulations)

20 km/h

Service brake

Inching Brake


Hydraulic pump type

Gear pump

Hydraulic flow - Pressure

60 l/min / 207 bar

High-Flow Option (l/min)

60 l/min

Tank capacities

Hydraulic oil

48 l

Fuel tank

45 l