Our innovation of adaptive Air suspension air seat

Do you want to improve the operating comfort of your industrial trucks? Manitou offers an innovative system for the driver's cabs of its agricultural telescopic handlers: the adaptive suspension air seat. Available as an option, this top-of-the-range equipment protects your back from vibrations whatever the conditions of the ground.

Get a seat with optimal comfort to protect your back

Manitou has always been committed to providing its customers with comfortable material handling machines. To improve your comfort and reduce muscular problems associated with repetitive movements during loading/unloading operations, our experts are constantly developing new solutions.

The air seat with adaptive suspension is one of Manitou's innovations designed to improve machine comfort. Farmers are particularly affected by back pain: 15% of musculoskeletal disorders in farm machinery operators are linked to repetitive vibrations in the lumbar region.

Our adaptive air suspension seat offers a suitable response to these issues. It allows you to work comfortably and protects your back from vibrations, whatever the conditions of the ground.

Take advantage of the unprecedented technical features of our equipment to reduce fatigue and stress on your back. Better driving conditions also have an impact on your productivity and the success of your daily applications.

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« No matter what the terrain, I can work long hours without a backache. »
United Kingdom

Advantages of the Manitou adaptive suspension seat

The air seat with adaptive suspension offers agricultural users several advantages:

  • Optimal damping: 54% reduction in seat vibrations transmitted to the back
  • Versatility: the seat's suspension automatically adapts to all types of ground (uneven, irregular, muddy, gravel, road...).
  • Lumbar protection: the seat is equipped with an electric lumbar support as well as heating.
  • Tailor-made offer: the depth and inclination of the seat can be configured according to your needs.

Manitou has developed several other systems to improve the comfort of MLT agricultural telehandlers: intelligent adaptive power steering system (CSS) reducing shoulder, elbow and wrist fatigue, curved flooring with Easy step securing the cab ascent and descent and SafeView camera package for perfect 360-degree visibility from the driver's cab...

You can also find online all the latest innovations created by Manitou to improve the performance and the TCO (total cost of ownership) of its agricultural telehandlers.

You wish to equip your agricultural telehandler with an air seat with adaptive suspension (available end 2020)? Your Manitou dealer will meet your requirements as soon as possible. Our professionals are at your disposal every day to accompany you in your project and offer you services adapted to your agricultural activity. Contact our dealers or our teams of experts to find out more about the comfort options compatible with MLT telehandler.

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