Maintenance & Diagnostic Software solution

Because every material handling solution requires regular maintenance to guarantee optimum performance, Manitou Group has created an innovative digital maintenance & diagnostic tool: interactive View (iV). Including a scalable database, this software allows technicians to perform preventive and curative maintenance operations, customize machines with the addition of options. This tool also enables efficient diagnosis to reduce downtime in the event of an incident.

What is Interactive View (iV)?

Interactive View is a solution developed by Manitou experts for after-sales professionals responsible for the maintenance and repair of equipment trained by the group. With iV (Interactive View) accessible on PCs and tablet PCs, technicians can remotely access all machine data. Particular attention has been paid to ease of use in the field.

Thought for the field, technicians can check the condition of the equipment and quickly identify the cause of a malfunction by connecting to the main machine components. The data, available in real time, allows them to make the right decision for each problem encountered.

iV 2020.1 is available to professionals on the Manitou diagnostic portal. This portal allows you to perform several operations:

  • Downloading of the latest software update and access to new functionalities
  • Consulting the FAQ
  • Access to the user manual
  • Access to the fault code database

All new Manitou machines are compatible with the connected diagnostic tool. Thanks to the performance of this digital solution, you gain in reactivity in the event of a breakdown, and can diagnose malfunctions in the shortest possible time.

The advantages of our solution for technicians

Technicians in charge of equipment maintenance benefit from several advantages by using the Manitou tool catalogue, the keystone of an efficient after-sales service:

  • Real-time detection of anomalies limiting the costs related to the intervention
  • Real-time graphical visualization
  • Visualization of fault codes
  • Ergonomic digital platform very easy to use (touch system)
  • Simplified and faster diagnostics minimizing equipment downtime
  • Possibility to install second-mount options
  • Digital solution accessible on PCs and tablet PCs via a 64-bit Windows operating system
  • Refurbishment of the machines as soon as possible
  • Software available in 10 languages

Beyond our maintenance and diagnostic solutions, a whole organization is at your service! Would you like to know more about our solutions? Contact our teams of professionals at any time! iV facilitates the work of technicians and greatly improves the experience of Manitou machine users.

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