Our range of MAN'GO aerial ladders

The MAN'GO 33 aerial work platform is specially designed and adapted for rental. All-terrain, compact and lightweight, it facilitates the operator's work and offers excellent visibility whatever the terrain conditions. These features make it an ideal solution for saving time and achieving excellent profitability.


Compact, high-performance aerial work platforms

The MAN'GO 33 is a unique compact diesel work platform with an innovative design. Lightweight and easy to transport, it facilitates movement even in the most cramped areas and meets the handling needs of professionals thanks to its state-of-the-art performance.

Offering a platform height of almost 33 feet (9.9 meters), the MAN'GO aerial work platform can accommodate up to 2 people (500 lbs. or 230 kg maximum capacity). Its characteristics make it ideal for operators who wish to work outdoors in optimal conditions of comfort and safety:

  • Safe lifting basket with double rails to protect the hands of the operators and to be able to take advantage of the whole surface.
  • Turret allowing a rotation of 350 degrees via a hydraulic motor whose speed varies according to the extension of the telescope
  • Structure with the particularity of having only one lifting cylinder (only one lever is necessary to lift the arms in a combined way)
  • Hydraulic motors powering 4-wheel drive
  • Compact machine.

The exceptional characteristics of the MAN'GO 33 aerial work platform meet the requirements of a large number of construction and industrial sectors: building and public works (structural work and finishing work), cleaning, sandblasting, pruning, airport and municipal maintenance, event operations, etc...

Discover the MAN'GO 33 aerial work platform

The advantages of Man'go aerial platforms for professionals

The MAN'GO 33 aerial work platform is ideal for outdoor handling operations. Designed for all-terrain, this machine adapts to the different ground environments around the construction site and allows operators to work efficiently and safely. Delivering high performance, the MAN'GO 33 has many advantages:

  • Ease and comfort of use are ensured by the ergonomic driving environment
  • Simple and fast lifting of the structure
  • Possibility to perform several movements at the same time
  • Enhanced visibility due to narrow machine width
  • Compact and easy to move within cramped areas, unrivaled on the market
  • Ideal ease of maintenance to save time in return for rental: intuitive interface for quick diagnosis of the machine and detection of any form of anomaly, quick access to components, etc.
  • Optimal safety
  • Small size when folded, allowing the basket to be stored without difficulty.

The advantageous features of the MAN'GO 33 aerial work platform make it very popular with rental companies. Would you like to know more about the range's performance? The Manitou team is at your disposal at any time to help you with your project.

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