Manitou 1900R

Manitou 1900R

Compact Loaders

862 kg
4013 mm
572 mm
3226 mm
Take advantage of the performance of the 1900 R skid loader to effectively achieve your handling operations on your construction site or farm work. This very robust loader makes all-terrain maneuverability look easy on uneven, muddy, or rough environments. With a heavy lift capacity, the 1900 R skid loader is capable of transporting, lifting and moving your materials of all kinds, including the most cumbersome and bulky. Due its multifunction capability, this loader is a versatile reference solution for builders and farmers who must perform several operations every day.
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Rated Operating Capacity

862 kg

Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight

957 kg

Unladen weight

3121 kg

Weight and dimensions

Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised

4013 mm

Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised

3061 mm

Overall Height to top of ROPS

2032 mm

Dump angle at full height

42 °

Dump height

2311 mm

Overall length with bucket

3226 mm

Dump reach - Full height

572 mm

Rollback at ground

26 °

Seat to ground height

991 mm


1067 mm

Overall width less bucket

1638 mm

Bucket Width

1676 mm

Ground clearance

165 mm

Overall length - Less Bucket

2388 mm

Departure angle

25 °

Clearance Radius - Front with Bucket

2007 mm

Clearance Circle - Front without Bucket

1130 mm

Clearance Circle - Rear

1486 mm


Travel Speed with Two-Speed Option - Maximum

20.10 km/h

Travel speed (unladen)

12.10 km/h


Standard tires

10.00 x 16.5 HD


Engine brand


Engine model


Gross Power

51.70 kW

Net Power

51 kW

Max. torque / Engine rotation

241 Nm / 2500 rpm

Power source


I.C. Engine power rating

69.30 Hp

Battery voltage

12 V


95 kW


3 kW


Standard flow - Auxiliary hydraulics

70.10 l/min

Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure

207 bar

High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics – Option

119 l/min

High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Pressure – Option

200 bar

Tank capacities

Fuel tank

62.50 l

Hydraulic tank capacity

30.30 l


3.30 l

Noise and vibration

Noise to environment (LwA)

101 dB

Noise at driving position (LpA)

85 dB

Whole-Body Vibration (ISO 2631-1)

0.80 m/s²

Vibration on hands/arms

< 1.30 m/s²