Our range of CI order pickers

Optimize your logistics operations with the order pickers of the CI range developed by Manitou. The result of our know-how, these machines meet the specific needs of warehousing and industrial handling professionals.


Order pickers to optimize your logistics

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The CI range offers order pickers with load capacities from 1 to 2 tons. These latest-generation electric machines have been specially designed to transport pallets on the ground over short distances.

The compactness of Manitou's CI equipment facilitates your work in tight storage areas and confined workspaces. Their battery also gives them a long battery life, so you can handle your stock for long hours.

Order pickers are pedestrian-controlled machines; you benefit from a driving platform that allows you to manoeuvre the machine at your convenience and to secure the transport of pallets.

Several models of CI machines are available for order pickers and warehouse workers. These solutions make their daily work easier and are a valuable ally for all ground handling operations.

Storage areas, warehouses, supermarkets... a large number of sectors use the CI range of pickers every day to move loads of 1 to 2 tonnes. This equipment is ideal for improving your productivity and saving time in your various logistics tasks.

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Advantages of CI order pickers

The CI range is the result of Manitou's experience in designing material handling solutions. This is why it meets the needs of the most demanding transport and logistics professionals.

We have designed electric order pickers with high performance. Today, they offer a large number of advantages for internal handling.

  • Great comfort of use thanks to intuitive controls and an ergonomic driver's cab.
  • Ease of use ensured by numerous driver assistance systems
  • Perfect manoeuvrability thanks to compact structure and high-precision approach features
  • Great autonomy
  • Resistance and robustness
  • Ability to operate in tight spaces

Manitou offers you a range of support services throughout the life of your warehousing tools: maintenance, repair, replacement of original parts, tailor-made financing solutions, warranty extension. Our extensive network of dealers throughout France enables us to be as close as possible to your needs and to respond to your problems as quickly as possible. Call on the expertise of our teams to buy or rent an electric order picker adapted to your storage and warehousing activity.

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