Our range of Pallet trucks

Make your warehousing operations easier with Manitou pallet trucks. Available in manual or electric versions, our tools allow you to quickly transport your loads over short distances. Take advantage of their performance to increase the productivity of your warehouses or logistics platforms!


What is a pallet truck?

A pallet truck is small material handling equipment equipped with two forks. Designed to transport pallets (or various loads), it can be electrically or manually operated and offers different load capacities depending on the model.

It is used to move loads over short distances. Unlike stackers, it has a low lifting height (the pallet is not lifted more than 20 centimetres high). The pallet truck is therefore not designed for stacking, but for moving pallets/loads over short distances.

Presentation of manual pallet trucks

Manitou offers several models of hand pallet trucks. These are conventional pallet trucks that cannot be pulled without the action of a natural person. On a hand pallet truck, the lifting device is located in the lower shield of the undercarriage. The load is lifted by means of a wrist tiller which operates the lifting device by manual pumping.

A hand pallet truck offers an average lifting height of 30 cm. Its maximum load capacity is between 1 and 2 tonnes. It is mainly used on landscaped, non-slip floors.

Overview of electric pallet trucks

Electric (or semi-electric) pallet trucks have a similar structure to manual models (with two forks) but the lifting device contains a motor and several batteries. To operate the device, the pallet truck also has a tiller, this time operated automatically.

The electric pallet truck allows you to handle larger loads (between 1500 and 5000 kg). Like the manual model, it is used to move and store pallets in a warehouse. Its motor and electric operation increase the speed of your movements.

Two driving modes are offered with the electric models:

  • Pedestrian pallet truck - the pallet truck is electrically assisted.
  • Ride-on pallet truck - the pallet truck has a platform to accommodate the operator.

The advantages of Manitou ranges

Manitou hand pallet trucks are available throughout the EH range. Several models and different load capacities are available.

Electric pallet trucks are available throughout the EP range. Several models and different load capacities are also available.

The advantages of our pallet trucks for professionals:

  • Great ease of use
  • Maximum safety for the operator
  • Robustness and strength
  • High-end components
  • Reliability at all times

Optimize your storage/storage operations by using Manitou pallet trucks! Our handling equipment meets the requirements of all industrial sectors.

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