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Filtration plays an essential role: it stops and stores the impurities that can enter the circuit of your machine. As new technologies have increasingly smaller operating clearances, Manitou filters retain the finest particles to prevent irreversible damage to your machine.

Why choose Manitou's original filters?

A high-performance filter media:

Equipped with an excellent resolution filter media, Manitou filters offer a very fine filtration power, with a larger surface area than conventional filters: they retain up to 99.99% of impurities. The complex, high-performance design of the filter media also limits pressure drop, which can lead to reduced machine productivity and component damage (cavitation).

The metal structure that supports the filter media protects your filter from the risk of crushing in case of overpressure or vacuum. The quality of bonding and its resistance also prevents any risk of the filter media coming off.

Our crimped filters are also equipped with a relief valve which allows, in cold weather or in case of filter clogging, to ensure continuity of fluid circulation and avoid cavitation or lack of lubrication.


The exceptional quality of Manitou original filters:

Only genuine Manitou filters are fully compatible with your machine. Designed with quality materials and laboratory tested, they are more resistant to hydraulic pressure and vibration. Their high quality composite filters clean the oil through its specific double layer structure.


Save money in the long run! More resistant and perfectly designed for your machine, the original filters protect the key components of your machine against any damage and thus ensure a better performance and longevity of your handling tool.

Manitou filter kits for periodic maintenance

Overhaul your machine by respecting the filter replacement intervals according to the manufacturer's recommendations (refer to your use and maintenance manual or contact your Manitou dealer).

To facilitate periodic maintenance, Manitou has developed filtration kits specific to the model of your machine. They contain all the original components required for 500 or 1000 hour maintenance: air filter, diesel filter, engine oil filter, hydraulic filter, transmission filter, strainer (composition according to models).


To preserve the original qualities of your machine, only use original Manitou filters.

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