Our Tunneling aerial platform

Manitou offers you a platform for tunneling applications. This adjustable aerial platform offers a load capacity of 1000 kg (max) and can accommodate 3 operators. Work in complete safety thanks to its certified FOPS roof and its numerous top-of-the-range protection systems!

Secure your underground work

The steerable tunnel access platform meets the requirements of the mining and oil and gas industry. It has all the necessary features to ensure maximum safety conditions during underground operations.

The basket of the aerial work platform can accommodate a maximum of 3 operators. Equipped with a certified FOPS roof, it offers an optimal protection to the users. If you wish to work above the roof, you do not need to climb out of the basket, simply increase the height.  The protected platform secures your operations at height.

Thanks to the high load capacity of the basket (1000 kg), you can use heavy tools on the basket. An ideal condition to work comfortably without having to go back and forth many times. The swivel function of our basket also allows you to adopt a safe working position for your various applications.

The Manitou tunnel access platform is compatible with several rotating telescopic handlers and heavy-duty telescopic handlers: MRT Easy S2, MRT 2545 Easy, MRT Privilege +, MHT 790, MHT 1490...Check the compatibility of your machine before investing in an aerial work platform!

The technical characteristics of the tunnel access platform:

  • Nacelle capacity: 1000 kg
  • Width: 1.8 mm
  • Rotation: +/- 90°.
  • Number of legally approved users: 3
  • Weight : 730 kg
  • Certified FOPS roof
Discover the tunnel platform

Why use a Manitou tunnelling platform?

The Manitou steerable tunneling platform offers several advantages to professionals in tunneling and mining construction:

  • Perfect resistance to shocks and extreme weather conditions
  • Maximum safety for the operator
  • Adaptable basket position
  • High load capacity
  • Protected platform for high security work
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Versatile solution

The platform is very easy to install on your material handling equipment. Thanks to the high-performance attachment system, you can attach/unattach the accessory in a few minutes.

Manitou offers several other platforms and solutions for the mining, oil and gas sectors: compact tire clamps, cylinder clamps, pipe/hose clamps, mining platforms.  Find all our ranges online.

Would you like to buy a steerable tunnel access platform for your MRT or MHT telescopic handler? Your Manitou dealer can help you at every stage of your project. Take advantage of our support services and obtain custom-made solutions. The Manitou dealer network is present in more than 120 countries around the world. With Manitou, you are guaranteed to find an answer to your needs wherever you are!

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