Our range of General purpose buckets

The general purpose bucket is an essential accessory in the Manitou range. It is specially designed to work with Manitou construction telescopic handlers and Manitou agricultural telescopic handlers: MHT, MT, MRT and MLT. The Manitou recovery bucket is designed to move bulk loads of up to 2100 kg/m3.

Our range of general purpose buckets

The recovery bucket: an essential accessory for Manitou fixed telescopic handlers.

Manitou's general purpose buckets (CBR) are accessories designed and perfectly adapted to your Manitou telescopic handler, that's why we offer 10 different sizes of this accessory.

The advantages of the recovery bucket for our customers

Manitou's general purpose buckets are designed to be very resistant:

- The body of the bucket is rolled in a steel plate and manufactured in one piece.

- The buckets have reinforcements underneath and at the rear.

- The sides have a complex shape to reinforce their structure.

- A bolted wear blade is available as an option for a better durability of the attachment.

These buckets are easy to use

- They have a Manitou hitch, the smallest model for MT and MLT 420 (1500 mm wide) is also available as a skid steer hitch.

- The buckets are equipped with a level plate for more precise work.

Technical specifications of the general purpose bucket

- The Manitou buckets (CBR) are available in widths from 1500 mm to 2500 mm.

- They have capacities ranging from 600 litres to 2000 litres.

- Some references have been specially developed for machines with sideshift decks.

Different versions of the Manitou bucket are developed for :

- Telescopic forklift trucks construction: MT 420, MT 625, MT 733 Easy, MT 933 Easy, MT 1033 Easy, MT 1135, MT 1335, MT 1440, MT 1840;

- Agricultural telescopic handlers: MLT 420, MLT 625, MLT 630, MLT 635, MLT 730, MLT-X 732, MLT 733, MLT-X 735, MLT 737, MLT 741, MLT 840, MLT 845, MLT 940, MLT 1040, MLT 961 ;

- Telescopic articulated loaders: MLA-T 533 ;

- industrial telescopic forklift trucks: MHT 790, MHT-X 860, MHT1490, MHT 10130, MHT 10180, MHT 10230;

- some rotary telescopic handlers: MRT Easy and MRT Privilege + ;

For more information on the Manitou recovery bucket, please contact your Manitou dealer.

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