Our range of Heavy duty hydraulic winches

Users of Manitou MHT heavy-capacity telescopic handlers face many challenges on a daily basis. To help them meet these challenges, Manitou offers a wide range of accessories specific to MHTs. These include heavy duty hydraulic winches for handling the heaviest suspended loads.

Our heavy duty hydraulic winches

For all heavy suspended loads, Manitou's range of heavy-duty hydraulic winches, dedicated to heavy-capacity telescopic handlers MHT ensures power, versatility and safety:

1. Power for the heaviest loads

Manitou's heavy duty hydraulic winches for MHT telescopic handlers have the right capacity for every machine, from 8t to 23t. Generated by a powerful hydraulic motor and a robust gearbox, the movement is transmitted to the hook via a single (8t and 9t) or double (13t to 23t) pulley block. Thanks to the hydraulics of the MHTs, the movements are controlled with great precision, for efficient load placement.

2. Recognized versatility

Using a heavy telescopic handler MHT and its original accessories means using a real toolbox: fork positioners, jib cranes, tyre or cylinder clamps, etc. The addition of a winch makes it possible to carry out all operations for lifting heavy suspended loads, even those that require vertical movement of the load, both above and below ground level. Your MHT can occasionally replace a mobile crane, saving you time and money.

3. The safety of Manitou accessories

Manitou designs and produces all its winches, even the heaviest ones. When you purchase a Manitou heavy hydraulic winch, you can be sure that you will benefit from a top safety accessory (immersed negative brake, start and end stop, etc.), perfectly adapted to your machine because it is 100% dedicated to it, and a machine/accessory torque validated by Manitou engineers.

discover our heavy duty hydraulic winches

Manitou heavy duty hydraulic winches are recommended for all heavy duty winching applications. They are particularly appreciated for the maintenance of mining or industrial installations and the maintenance of the machines of these installations.