Our range of High capacity agricultural buckets

This bucket is used for intensive handling of bulk materials with a maximum density of 1000kg per m3: hay, cereals, granules, silage, manure. It is designed and validated by Manitou with our MLT 961 agricultural telescopic loader in order to offer the best performance for the user.

High capacity agricultural buckets

The agricultural bucket (CBA) is the most widely sold accessory and is used with agricultural telescopic loaders. This is why Manitou offers a high-performance, quality product designed specifically for the MLT 961 agricultural telescopic handler. The Manitou CBA 2500/4000 large capacity agricultural bucket has a new look.

It has been modified to accommodate more material and be more resistant.

- it is designed to perform 72,000 loading cycles
- Manitou's high-capacity agricultural bucket is convex in shape to facilitate loading and unloading operations.
- it is equipped with a bolt-on, reversible wear blade with a hardness of 500 HB for increased longevity
- the hull is designed with a 3° angle between the bottom of the bucket and the wear blade for better durability

In line with the Manitou Agricultural Bucket (CBA), it has more capacity, 4000 litres for a width of 2500 millimetres, and is perfectly suited to the MLT 961 agricultural telescopic loader.

Technical specifications:
- The bucket has two internal reinforcements and an integrated reinforced cap.
- the sides are convex in shape and reinforced to avoid deformation over time
- the rear of the bucket has 4 reinforced legs and a very strong grip
- its weight is 1310 kilograms

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