Our range of Intensive bale clamp

Discover Manitou's intensive bale clamps for MLT agricultural telescopic handlers. Appreciated by farmers for their forged rounded tines, these top-of-the-range attachments offer precise and clean penetration into the material. Use a clamp to transport your bales and position them carefully in storage areas.

Round-toothed clamps ideal for handling your hay bales

Farmers in charge of a holding or a breeding are regularly required to transport bales of hay. These operations must be carried out carefully and quickly so as not to damage production and to increase productivity.

Manitou's intensive bale clamps meet all these requirements. To facilitate hay hitching and transport, they have forged rounded tines and a powerful synchronised closing system. With the bayonet tine holder option, you also get excellent stability when handling rectangular bales.

These models of clamps are compatible with several Manitou telescopic handlers: MLT 630, 635, 730, 733, 737, 741, 840, 940, 961, 1040. Check their compatibility with your machines.

The technical characteristics of the intensive bale clamps :

  • Maximum load: 1800 kg
  • Bale size : 1800 mm
  • Weight: 275 kg
  • Number of teeth : 2x4
  • Height: between 800 mm and 1200 mm depending on the bale configuration
  • Optional: 2 bayonet teeth

Optimize your telescopic handler with this top-of-the-range clamp model. These attachments facilitate your transport/storage operations for round and rectangular hay bales.

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How do I put a ball clamp on a telescopic trolley?

Manitou bale clamps are very easy to install. Thanks to the Manitou attachment system present on the agricultural telescopic handlers you can install them in a few minutes. The ECS (Easy Connect System) tool, which decompresses the accessory hydraulic line, also allows you to change accessories without having to stop the engine.

With Manitou attachments, you can carry out your various handling operations with a single machine. The Quick Lift option available on your MLT also allows you to automatically combine two movements (lifting/lowering + telescoping) to facilitate bale storage.

Discover several other ranges of clamps for your forklift handler: mixed bale clamp, classic bale clamp, wrapped bale clamp, square bale clamp, pot clamp and handlebar clamp, but also complementary accessories such as agricultural buckets, grapple buckets, big bag handlers, bale forks or manure forks.

Would you like to buy an intensive bale clamp that is compatible with your telescopic handler? Contact your dealer, he will answer you as soon as possible. Our network includes nearly 1,500 dealers worldwide. Our teams can also assist you in your project at any time.

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