Truckmounted forklifts
Manitou TMM 25 ST5

Manitou TMM 25 ST5

Truck mounted forklifts

4200 mm
2500 kg
2340 kg
The TMM 25 is an all-terrain truck capable of lifting up to 2.5 tonnes. With a lifting height of up to 3.9 m and a mast that can be moved sideways, you can easily pick up, move and store your loads. Designed to allow you to work quickly and independently close to your delivery site, this truck can be adapted to all the attachment kits on the market and is ready to load and unload your loads in less than a minute. It is a real productivity partner throughout the day!
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Technical characteristics



Model Name

TMM 25 ST5

Reach out equipment


Power source


Operator type


Max. capacity

2500 kg

Load center of gravity

500 mm

Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork

490 mm


1598 mm


Service weight

2340 kg

Weight on front axle (laden) / rear axle (laden)

3585 kg / 1255 kg

Weight on front axle (Unladen) / rear axle (Unladen)

1085 kg / 1255 kg


Tires type


Dimensions of front wheels

27X10-12 IC30

Dimensions of rear wheels

27X10-12 IC30

Number of front wheels / rear wheels

2 / 1

Drive wheels (front / rear)

2 / 1

Front wheel gauge

2151 mm


Max. lifting height

4200 mm

Height of overhead guard (cabin)

2120 mm

Seat height/stand height

1070 mm

Overall length

2650 mm

Overall width

2406 mm

Forks section / width / length

40 mm x 122 mm x 1200 mm

Fork carriage ISO 2328 (class/form) A/B


Fork carriage width

1260 mm

Distance between support arms

1165 mm

Distance between wheel arms/loading surfaces

1600 mm

Maximum horizontal extension at COG 600

1000 mm

Ground clearance at centre of wheelbase

272 mm

Aisle width for 800 x 1200 pallet lengthways

3363 mm

Turning radius

2463 mm


Travel speed (laden / unladen)

10.60 km/h - 10.70 km/h

Lifting speed (laden / unladen)

0.26 m/s / 0.24 m/s

Nominal pulling force (laden)


Lowering speed (laden / unladen)

0.38 m/s / 0.21 m/s

Gradeability (laden / unladen)

50 % / 51 %

Service brake

Hydraulic brakes by loss of pressure

Acceleration time (laden / unladen)

4.10 s / 2.60 s

Transmission type



Engine brand / norm

Kubota - Stage V

I.C. Engine power rating

18.50 kW

Rated speed

3000 rpm

Number of cylinders / Capacity of cylinders

3 - 1123 cm³


Type of drive control


Working hydraulic pressure for attachments

190 bar

Oil flow rate for attachments

43 l/min

Sound level at the driver's ear according to DIN 12 053

84 dB