Our range of Sweepers

Manitou offers a range of sweepers. Our sweepers are dedicated to intensive sweeping applications: very efficient and a very good investment if you regularly clean large indoor or outdoor surfaces. They are certified with the majority of our agricultural telescopic handlers (MLT).

The sweepers

Our sweepers (BRB) for better productivity

Our sweepers are very solid and quality accessories. They are extremely efficient for the regular sweeping of large areas.

The advantages of our sweepers for our customers

- Our sweepers sweep and pick up material in a single pass.

- Your productivity is improved. In fact, a 2500 m2 henhouse is swept in 10 minutes with a BRB 2500 sweeper.

- This range of sweepers is designed to provide high quality sweeping even in very intensive agricultural applications.

Technical characteristics of BRBs

- Our sweepers have an interchangeable side brush (left or right side) for perfect sweeping along walls and pavements.

- The direction of rotation of the main brush can be reversed for better waste collection.

- They are equipped with reinforced swivel castor wheels for easy driving.

- Our sweepers are equipped with a hydraulic motor integrated into the hub of the broom: the components are thus protected to avoid any risk of damage.

- They are also mounted on a floating structure to follow the ground level and avoid potential obstacles.

- The hydraulic line at the head of the boom and the hydraulic return to the bin are mandatory options that your machine must be equipped with to use our range of sweeper pickups (BRB).

We offer 3 models of sweepers

- The widths offered are 1600, 2200 or 2500 mm.

- Their collection bins have capacities of 380, 530 and 600 litres.

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