Manitou CI 10

Manitou CI 10


1000 kg
600 mm
800 mm
2628 mm
The control IC 10 Manitou picker combines ease of use, robustness, long battery life and performance. Particularly compact, it allows you to carry your loads (up to 1000 kg) and prepare your orders in the best conditions. Enjoy the powerful battery to operate all day without having to recharge the machine. The carriage CI 10 is ideal for handling loads in tight spaces and narrow aisles of your warehouses, production sites or retail space. Maximize your logistics operations thanks to Manitou order pickers range IC!
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Technical characteristics



Model Name

CI 10

Power source


Operator type


Max. capacity

1000 kg

Load center of gravity

600 mm

Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork

680 mm


1950 mm


Service weight

1400 kg

Weight on front axle (laden) / rear axle (laden)

946 kg / 1454 kg

Weight on front axle (Unladen) / rear axle (Unladen)

896 kg / 504 kg


Tires type


Dimensions of front wheels

254x100 mm

Dimensions of rear wheels

85x90 mm

Additional wheels (dimensions)

140x50 mm

Number of drive wheels / front wheels / rear wheels

1x + 2 / 4

Front wheel gauge

505 mm

Rear wheel gauge

380 mm


Platform height

130 mm

Fork height in low position

80 mm

Overall length

2628 mm

Mast lowered height

1625 mm

Length to face of forks

1458 mm

Overall width - Single wheels

800 mm

Overall width

800 m

Forks section / width / length

60 mm x 180 mm x 1170 mm

Fork carriage width

760 mm

Fork spread

560 mm

Ground clearance at centre of wheelbase

20 mm

Aisle width for 800 x 1200 pallet lengthways

2878 mm

Turning radius

2158 mm

Mast lifting height

800 mm

Mast extended height

2345 mm

Height tiller max.

1212 mm


Travel speed (laden / unladen)

10 km/h / 12 km/h

Lifting speed (laden / unladen)

0.08 m/s / 0.12 m/s

Lowering speed (laden / unladen)

0.14 m/s / 0.11 m/s

Gradeability (laden / unladen)

6 % / 10 %

Service brake

Electro magnetic

Parking brake

Butterfly switch release


Drive motor rating S2 60 min

2 kW

Lift motor rating at S3 15%

2 kW

Battery according to DIN 43531/35/36 A, B, C


Battery voltage / capacity

24 V / 465 Ah

Battery weight (+/- 5%)

435 kg


Type of drive control


Measured/guaranteed mean noise level at the ear of the operator

< 70 dB