Our range of MH-X Forklift Trucks

Replaced in the catalog by the MC range of forklift trucks, the MH range of all-terrain forklift trucks has been designed to adapt to all surfaces. Used to carry out your work quickly and safely whatever the conditions of the ground, these still widely used trucks still faithfully meet the needs of the industrial, construction and agricultural professionals who have acquired them.

Rough-terrain handling solutions to suit all types of dreams

Now off the market and replaced by the MC forklift trucks, the MH all-terrain trucks remain renowned for their robust design and their unprecedented ability to cross the road. Whether you operate on uneven, unstable, loose or degraded ground, these machines, the result of Manitou's extensive expertise, allow you to work efficiently, comfortably and safely.

Building on the success of the MH rough-terrain forklift range, Manitou engineers have designed the MC range of forklifts to replace it, while retaining the strengths and advantages of the MH range.


In order to be able to transport loads in sometimes extreme situations, MH forklift trucks are equipped with 4 wheel drive, including two large diameter front wheels. With a lifting capacity of 2 to 2.5 tons depending on the model, they help you load/unload, transport and distribute efficiently your loads of different kinds.

Still widely used by professionals, MH trucks also have the advantage of being equipped with a monobloc steering system with an integrated cylinder offering an exceptional steering angle. The tilting mast can be tilted up to 12 degrees and the high ground clearance increases performance and improves your profitability, while the turning radius is ideal for hard-to-reach storage areas or narrow construction sites.

Combining power, precision of movement, strength, maneuverability and unprecedented technological performance, MH forklift trucks are essential machines in several sectors of activity: sawmills, market gardening, orchards, various industries, individual construction... Whether you are a farmer, builder or industrialist, you get a handling solution adapted to all your applications.

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The advantages of MH-X forklift trucks for professionals

MH-X forklift trucks have been specially designed to handle loads on uneven and uneven terrain. Offering all-terrain or mixed tires and a wide range of compatible accessories, they provide you with a versatile solution capable of handling all your loading/unloading, transport, distribution and storage operations.

By using an MH trolley, you benefit from several advantages on a daily basis:

  • Great comfort and ease of use thanks to an ergonomic operator's station, ergonomic levers, functional buttons and a spacious cab.
  • Perfect 360 degree visibility
  • Easy maintenance (easy access to components under the hood)
  • Easy access to the cab with 3 handles attached to the driver's left front pillar, non-slip steps on both sides and a large open floor space.
  • Versatility of the machines thanks to the numerous compatible accessories that are easily interchangeable (buckets, tilting aprons, fork positioners, etc.).
  • High lifting height (7 meters max)
  • Optimum safety in the cab

Do you want to optimize your handling operations with an MH-X forklift? Manitou teams can advise you on the model best suited to your activity. Contact us at any time and take advantage of our extensive dealer network to be accompanied throughout the life of your machines.

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