Our range of MXT construction telescopic handlers

Discover the performance of the MXT range of telescopic forklift trucks. All-terrain, these machines are ideal for handling operations in the most demanding conditions. Gain in productivity thanks to their efficiency and versatile features!


All-terrain and versatile telescopic forklifts

Manitou MXT models are construction trucks with a telescopic boom. Their all-terrain design allows you to carry out your various operations efficiently, whatever the conditions of the outside environment and the ground (rough, uneven, muddy terrain).

MXT trucks can handle all types of loads in height and offset. They are real tool carriers and are particularly versatile. By simply changing accessories, you can carry out all your operations with a single machine:

  • Placing a load high and offset
  • Move a load in all conditions - the telescopic arm overcomes obstacles and allows you to move all your loads, including suspended loads.
  • Loading / unloading of trucks and containers
  • Preparing and cleaning floors (leveling, soil and waste removal)
  • Spill Content

The MXT telescopic forklift trucks are equipped with a high-performance attachment system, which makes it possible to change accessories in just a few minutes. Gain versatility with our wide range of accessories: floating fork carriage, recovery buckets, construction buckets, jib cranes, hook jibs, tippers, big bag handling, bucket baskets...

The performance of the MXT telescopic forklift trucks meets the requirements of several construction sectors. Take advantage of their beneficial features to improve your productivity and ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for your operators.

discover our range of MXT

What are the advantages of MXT construction telescopic handlers?

MXT telescopic forklift trucks are nowadays indispensable handling equipment for a large number of construction professionals. Their many advantages make them the benchmark solutions on the telescopic handler market:

  • Perfect off-road maneuverability - MXT machines have been specially designed to operate in the most difficult conditions (4-wheel drive, short turning radius, excellent tractive effort even on slopes, high ground clearance, oscillating rear axle).
  • 3 steering modes available: you get a steering solution adapted to each situation (2 steerable front wheels, 4 steerable wheels, crab steering for side approaches and tricky clearances)
  • Maximum safety for the operator: the approved cab protects you from shocks and falling heavy objects; the stabilizers provide additional safety, as do the hook-and-loop handles and the non-slip step.
  • Full lighting for day and night work
  • Robustness and cost-effectiveness: MXT machines are very durable and long-lasting.
  • Simple and efficient maintenance

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