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New construction machines!
On Wednesday, April 21st we launched 25 new construction machines during the BUILD THE FUTURE event. From 16 to 35 meters, discover our new MRT range with unequaled VISION and much more innovations. We also introduce our new telescopic MT 730 and 930 with exceptional dimensions: 2 meters high and 2 meters wide!
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The range of Manitou bale clamps, adapted to your needs
Depending on your activity, the configuration of your farm and the shape of your bales, Manitou offers different clamps adapted to your Manitou MLT agricultural telescopic handler. How to choose? - Very intensive activity: the square bale clamp (CLBS) - For confined spaces: the super compact bale gripper (PBG 2x2) - Sporadic handling of various bales: the mixed bale gripper (MBC 2x3) - Moving wrapped bales: round (CLBW) or rectangular (CLBSW)
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Our head office based in France is in line with the values defended by the creators of the Manitou brand: to create handling machines that are ever more innovative and efficient.
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Manitou Group is a French company based in Ancenis in Loire-Atlantique.

We are first and foremost a company that designs, produces and distributes handling, personnel lifting and earthmoving equipment for 3 major markets. Our customers are our priority.