Our range of MT-X construction telescopic handlers

MT-X telescopic forklift trucks meet the requirements of construction professionals who need high-performance, safe and perfectly maneuverable handling solutions. All-terrain, these versatile machines can be adapted to all your loading/unloading operations, transporting / distributing loads or lifting people.

Features of MT-X telescopic forklift trucks

MT-X construction telehandlers are material handling machines equipped with 4-wheel drive and steering and designed to work in off-road conditions. Thanks to their high-performance load charts, they offer you a work envelope adapted to your various construction sites - masonry, structure, framework, cladding, roofing, renovation, tunneling, etc. - and to the different types of work you may need.

Using an MT-X telescopic handler, you can load/unload, transport, distribute and/or handle all types of loads with precision and comfort. Allowing you to operate quickly and efficiently, your machine improves your productivity and provides you with a perfect safety of execution.

All models in the range have similar design and features that make your daily work easier:

  • Great versatility thanks to the possibility of changing accessories in a few minutes - more than 100 references, including recovery buckets, jib cranes, floating fork decks, fork spreaders, big-bag handlers, sweepers...
  • Perfect maneuverability and 3 steering modes: 2 or 4 wheel steering, crab mode
  • All-terrain design allowing to operate on all types of sites, including on rough or cramped terrain;
  • Impact-resistant cabs with 360-degree visibility
  • Easy to operate thanks to a clear and modular dashboard, intuitive controls and a joystick that provides flexibility and high precision of movement.
  • Optimum safety thanks to high-performance stabilizers, several braking systems and a particularly robust design
  • High ease of maintenance
Check out the MT-X models

The MT-X range is now available in several high-performance models. Their different characteristics allow us to offer specific handling solutions for each sector of the construction industry.

With the MT-X range, you have trucks from 2 to 4 tonnes with lifting heights ranging from 4 to 18 metres depending on the model.
MT-X 420 H new-buggy ultra-compact, MT-X 625 compact ideal for construction, urban renovation and work on the most cramped sites, MT-X medium height combining compactness, performance and simplicity, MT-X with large lifting heights... choose a model that best meets your needs.
Manitou teams can help you at any time to find a handling solution adapted to your specific constraints and needs.
Contact our teams and discover all the support services offered by Manitou to construction professionals: maintenance, repair, parts replacement, customized financing solutions, a worldwide dealer network, etc.

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