Our range of CT Industrial Tractors

Discover the CT Manitou industrial tractors. Intended for moving loads in logistics, the CT range is available in 3 models of different capacities. Tow loads weighing up to 3 or 5 tonnes (depending on the model) and optimize your handling operations thanks to the performance of our top-of-the-range equipment.


Industrial tractors adapted to your warehousing operations

Manitou offers a wide range of storage tools. Among our many ranges, you will find models of industrial electric tractors.

These implements are available in 3 versions: CT 30 (max. load capacity 3 tons), CT 40 (max. load capacity 4 tons) and CT 50 (max. load capacity 5 tons). Apart from their different load capacities, they have the same advantageous characteristics:

  • Easily rechargeable 24 V battery
  • Power of 2kW
  • Ride-on driver
  • 4 wheel configuration points
  • High-precision control for better handling.

Manitou industrial tractors make your daily handling work easier by towing your heavy and bulky goods. Their performance makes them the benchmark solutions for the most demanding industrial and logistics companies.

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Customize your Manitou industrial tractor

Manitou CT industrial tractors can be customized by choosing options to meet your requirements.

Comfort options available with the CT range :

  • Adjustable writing board A4 format
  • Rubber front bumper
  • Creep Speed On / Off Button
  • Creep speed: Forward/reverse reverse functions (side buttons)
  • Rear storage compartment
  • Closed rear trunk
  • Trash can
  • 3-position backrest cushion support

Battery options :

  • Central battery filling system
  • Various battery and charger capacities
  • Extra battery (+ connection cable)

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Do you want to invest in an industrial CT tractor designed by Manitou? Contact your Manitou dealer. Our professionals will advise you and help you to buy the right tool for your business. Take advantage of all our services to optimize your equipment.

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