Our ranges of Attachments platforms

In addition to material handling, Manitou is an expert in lifting people. Our range of aerial work platforms offers you a wide choice of solutions. Whatever your need, you will find the aerial work platform you need to increase the productivity of your material handling equipment.

Did you know that?

Platforms are extremely practical accessories for reaching hard-to-reach areas. They provide a mobile workspace for tasks at height. Our teams have developed a complete range of aerial work platforms to meet all your needs for working at height (positive or negative).

Our range of access platforms

Our standard gondolas (NAC) are made of steel. They are approved for up to 3 persons. They have a non-slip metal floor and an overload sensor. The working space is delimited by guardrails that protect you against any risk of falling, and access is from two sides thanks to sliding bars.

In addition to this standard version, we have developed more elaborate models that incorporate additional functions. For example, the aluminium (EPS) gondolas are lighter than the equivalent steel gondola, which results in a greater offset. We also have quick-release gondolas, extendable gondolas and deep extendable gondolas. For working on roofs, we offer the roofing gondolas, as well as the swivelling fixed roofing model.

For specific applications, you will also find the extendible model raised, with hanger, with winch, with removable roof, Aerial Jib 1 and Aerial Jib 2, while the 3D system includes a pendular gondola that allows work in negative (under bridges for example).

Whichever model you choose, we are convinced that you will appreciate the robust design of our gondolas, their stability and functionality.

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