Our ranges of Rotating telehandlers

The Manitou rotary telescopic handler (MRT) is one of the most widely used industrial trucks in the construction sector.

A true jewel of technology, it is an indispensable tool for professionals whatever their activity: masonry, roofing, structure, demolition, cladding, renovation or tunneling...
Thanks to its cutting-edge performance, it optimizes your work of loading/unloading, transporting and/or distributing loads on all types of worksites, including the most rugged terrain, ensuring optimal conditions of safety and comfort. Several models of MRT rotary telescopic handlers are available today.

MRT-X range: handling equipment at the cutting edge of technology

MRT-X rotary telescopic handlers have been perfected over time, adapting to changes in the construction industry and the emergence of new constraints. Today, two main ranges meet the requirements of professionals: MRT-X Easy and MRT-X Privilege Plus.

All-terrain, the MRT-X machines have been designed to evolve quickly in all construction situations: versatile, they can be used on stabilizers or tires and can be used as a 3 in 1 machine: telescopic mode, platform mode and suspended load lifting device.

Rotating telehandlers make your daily work easier and improve your productivity thanks to their unrivaled performance in the material handling market:
- High versatility (one machine for different applications);
- Ability to move/lift heavy and/or bulky loads without having to move the machine;
- Ability to work as close as possible to the loads and to handle them over 360 degrees;
- Perfect maneuverability ensured by 3 steering modes (2 wheel / 4 wheel / crab steering modes);
- Great ease of use...

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