Our range of Floating fork carriages with leveling

For total efficiency on your construction sites when using an MRT rotating telescopic handler, the TFF CN hydraulic tilt adjustment floating fork carriage offers maximum adaptability:

- Floating forks for picking up pallets on uneven ground.

- Hydraulic tilt adjustment to lay them flat anywhere.

Floating fork carriage with tilt adjustment

To simplify and increase the efficiency of your pallet handling on site with an MRT rotating telescopic handler, Manitou offers you an innovative attachment: the floating fork carriage with hydraulic tilt adjustment TFF CN.

Construction site = floating forks

The ground of a building site is rarely flat: temporary earthworks, traffic of machines, possible rubble, make it a rough area. It then becomes difficult to pick up pallets with standard FEM/ISO forks, adapted to industrial trucks without damaging them. Floating fork decks are THE solution: their eye forks are floating, and mounted on a mobile bar with lateral inclination. Result: the forks follow the ground, making it easier to pick up a pallet.

Finely adjust the tilt to lay flat.

Placing a pallet perfectly flat at a height of more than 20 m can be difficult, both on wheels and with a machine on stabilizers. Especially when operating in a confined environment, for example through a future window. With the TFF CN, the horizontal placement of the pallet is improved, thanks to the hydraulic tilt correction of 10°/10°. This eliminates the need to move the entire machine, allowing for finer adjustments, especially at great heights.


The floating fork carriage with hydraulic tilt adjustment TFF CN is available with a capacity of 4200 kg or 4900 kg depending on the machine, allowing you to pick up all the pallets on your construction sites. Their width of 1230 mm is adapted to the most common pallets.

discover the tilt adjustment floating fork carriage

The floating fork carriage with hydraulic tilt adjustment TFF CN is available in the following versions:
- 4200 kg: MRT Easy 1440, 1640, 1840, 2145, 2545
- 4900 kg: MRT Privilege 2150, 2550 and 3255 

For the MRT 2470 and MRT 3050, contact your nearest Manitou dealer, for more specialized solutions.