Connected machines

Our machines are connected to provide you with a set of relevant information to control and monitor your equipment in real time. Manitou will help you plan your daily activity! Remotely accessible via a web portal or a mobile application, this information is used both for fleet management but also to help diagnose and monitor the maintenance of your connected equipment. Whatever your business sector, you can benefit from Manitou's connected services by equipping your multi-brand equipment to facilitate the location and management of your assets in a single tool.

Improve the customer experience through various features provided within a Connected Machines

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Manitou has developed a suite of innovative digital tools for professionals and its network of technicians. Combining several functionalities, this solution allows its users - fleet managers, user customers, maintenance technicians - to access and share all machine data in real time: status, equipment position (geolocation), maintenance monitoring, fuel level, number of hours of use, scheduling and alert management, access management.

The Manitou group's "Connected Machine" solutions are accessible via a suite of tools adapted to each individual's needs: myManitou Mobile App, designed for the end user; and/or the EasyMANAGER fleet management platform dedicated to managers of several pieces of equipment. Designed for collaborative use, whether you're in the field or in the office, these services are available on PCs, tablets or mobile applications. API solutions exist to facilitate the integration and use of key data in a global management system.

Thanks to the connected services, professionals know precisely the status of their machines, and can interact with Manitou technicians in the event of an anomaly. For their part, the technicians are able to establish an initial remote diagnosis in order to better prepare their intervention on site and to be able to resolve the breakdown as quickly as possible.

Being able to geolocate its fleet and check the position of its machines saves time in terms of logistics and optimally secures its equipment. Defining the best route and the time needed to get to the site, organizing maintenance and visits to each piece of equipment are particularly useful features to guarantee optimum use and limit downtime.

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The advantages of Manitou connected machines

Most Manitou machines can benefit from Connected Services. Whether you work in construction, industry or agriculture, these services are designed to meet your performance and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) needs.

  • Your machine data is at your fingertips in real time: you have one-click access to all the machine information and an overview that makes it easier to analyze and make decisions.
  • You can contact maintenance professionals at any time via the application, get expert advice and remote support.
  • Technicians have real-time access to machine data for early maintenance, reducing total cost of ownership and downtime.
  • Your machines are under control wherever you are: 24/7 monitoring (location, state of health, travel, consumption, machine alerts, theft risk prevention).

With Manitou's connected solutions, your equipment is under control, with key data that is easy to interpret for quick decisions that save you time every day. Contact our experts to learn more about the benefits of our latest generation connected machines and associated services.