Our range of floating forks with Heavy duty positioner

Rugged, all-terrain fork positioners designed for extreme working conditions. 100% Manitou design suitable for heavy capacity MHT telescopic handlers. Capacity 9 to 23t, with or without side shift.

Floating fork carriage with heavy-duty positioner

Adjusting the spacing of the heavy forks used on high-capacity telescopic handlers is often difficult, as the forks are extremely heavy (up to 608 kg / fork on a MHT-X 230). The use of a fork positioner is therefore essential. However, common industrial masted forklift truck attachments are not suitable for the extreme conditions of off-road environments: dust, mud, abrasive materials etc. They can be quickly damaged, suffer from early wear and tear and result in machines being out of service and production downtime.

Manitou has therefore designed dedicated fork positioners for its heavy-duty telescopic forklift trucks MHT, 100% adapted to the difficult conditions of the mines, quarries, chemical or energy industries... in which they operate.

Our positioners are distinguished by :

  1. Machine/accessory pair designed and validated by Manitou for uncompromising safety
  2. Easy operation from the cab
  3. Chrome bar slide technology adapted to demanding conditions
  4. Extensive protection of all components
  5. Limited thickness to ensure high residual capacity
  6. Good visibility: the hydraulic components are placed on the right and the structure is very open.
  7. On 9t and 13t: floating forks with the possibility of blocking the floatation (retaining the fork alone, not intended for tipping loads)
  8. Option: constant lateral displacement (9t & 13t, patented) or integrated (18t & 23t).
    Note: accessories without "clamp" function.
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Manitou heavy duty fork positioners are particularly suitable for:

  • All applications requiring palletized loads to be picked up
  • Use in the mining sector, as a fleet handling machine (maintenance service etc.)
  • Coil handling or handling of palletized metal plates
  • Handling of heavy precast concrete elements

An indispensable accessory for your MHT, a source of productivity and comfort.

Manitou heavy-duty positioners make handling of palletized loads more efficient

The heavy-duty positioners save the operator time (and physical strength) in manually adjusting the fork spacing. Each model is available with and without sideshift.

Versions available :

  • 9 t / 2000 mm, with eye forks from 1200 to 2000 mm
  • 9 t / 2500 mm, with eye forks from 1200 to 2000 mm
  • 13 t / 2500 mm, with eye forks from 1500 to 2400 mm
  • 18 t / 2500 mm, with eye forks from 1200 to 2400 mm
  • 23 t / 2500 mm with 1800 and 2400 mm eye forks, available in 200 x 110 mm and 250 x 100 mm sections.

Other fork sizes are available upon request from the Special Solutions department.

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