Our range of Tilting fork carriage

The tilting fork carriage PFB is a universal solution for pallet handling. It complies with the FEM/ISO standard. As an option, it can be equipped with a load backrest and a side shifting.

Our tilting carriages

Because pallet handling is an everyday occurrence in almost all sectors of the economy, Manitou supplies all its telescopic handlers with a fork carriage as standard. The tilting fork carriage PFB concentrates on the essentials:

  • A sturdy and tried and tested frame, which has already brought great satisfaction to tens of thousands of customers all over the world.
  • Forks that comply with the FEM/ISO standard, simple and efficient.
  • As an option, a removable load backrest is available to stabilize high loads.
  • As an option, a side shift to simplify the precise positioning of loads.

In use, it is an efficient accessory, particularly appreciated for :

  • Handling of all types of pallets and other palletized loads.
  • Handling non-palletized loads requiring a tipping movement, for example tree trunks or bales of straw.
  • Any other application requiring non-floating forks.

As the PFB tilting fork carriage complies with the ISO/FEM standard, it can be used to adapt industrial attachments normally used on mast trucks to telescopic forklifts, with the intervention of the Special Solutions department. For more information on this: contact your dealer.

The tilting fork carriage is fitted as standard on the MLT agricultural telescopic handlers, MRT rotating telescopic handlers (1) and MHT 9t heavy-duty forklift trucks, and can also be offered on MT telescopic handlers (2).

(1) except models MRT 2470 and MRT 3050, fitted as standard with a TFF floating fork carriage.

(2) except models MT 420 and MT 625, equipped as standard with a tilting fork carriage PFB.

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The PFB tilting fork carriage is available in a wide variety of sizes (compatibility depends on model):

  • On MLT: width 1020 mm (standard), 1260, 1470, 1580 mm, 1670 and 2000 mm; standard forks 1200 mm.
  • On MT, optional : width 1020, 1260, 1470 and 1580 mm ; standard forks 1200 mm.
  • On MRT: width 1320 mm (standard), 1750 and 2000 mm; standard forks 1200 mm and forks 1500 mm.
  • On MHT 9t: width 1750 mm and 2000 mm.

Many fork lengths and sections are available from the Special Solutions department. Contact your Manitou dealer for more information.