Our range of STACKY Electric stackers

Transport and lift loads with the electric stackers of the STACKY range designed by Manitou. Equipped with a single mast, these machines are ideal for small pallet lifts. Optimize your stacking operations by equipping your storage areas with STACKY equipment.

Electric stackers for all your storage operations

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Manitou has a solid know-how in the design of handling equipment. Based on this expertise, our teams have designed electric stackers that are manoeuvrable, versatile and high-performance: the STACKY range.

The STACKY equipment helps you to carry out the stacking of your stocks of goods. Whether you want to lift, stack or store loads at low heights, our machines meet your needs.

The range offers stackers with a load capacity from 1000 to 1400 kg, to facilitate your warehouse work, logistical transport over short distances and ergonomics at the workplace. Compact and easy to use, they can operate in all areas of your warehouse, including confined and difficult to access spaces.

Our electric stackers are equipped with a single mast and can be completed with several easily interchangeable tools. You thus obtain a solution precisely adapted to your needs, whatever your activity.

The STACKY range guarantees particularly resistant handling equipment. Reliable and sturdy, it allows you to operate efficiently and safely and has all the necessary performance to ensure ergonomic use.

Versatile, the STACKY models are also an aid to production. Their characteristics make them electric stackers very much used by storage professionals. Combining compactness, performance, safety and reliability, they are ideal for improving your productivity and saving you time on a daily basis.

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The advantages of STACKY stackers for storage professionals

The STACKY electric stackers designed by Manitou are nowadays references in the light handling market. A real help for operators, they adapt to all the sector's business constraints.

The advantages of STACKY stackers:

  • Easy to use
  • Lifting capacity from 1000 to 1400 kg
  • Compact equipment easy to transport, move and store
  • Versatility ensured by the possibility to easily change tools
  • Perfect maneuverability
  • High handling accuracy
  • Rugged and resistant design
  • Safe movement of loads and pallets

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