Our range of SEC aerial platforms

The SEC range consists of compact scissor lifts. Thanks to their narrow chassis, these models allow you to move efficiently and safely in cramped or congested working areas on industrial type floors.


Compact and versatile aerial work platforms

SEC aerial work platforms have been specially designed to allow you to work at heights on level ground even in narrow areas. Whether between storage racks, a doorway or simply within your warehouses, these scissor lifts make it easy for your employees to work.

SEC scissor lifts are available in electric power. Offering different features, they ensure optimal safety for the operators on the platform thanks to several systems:

  • The double chisel perfectly located in the axis of the frame for optimal stability
  • An anti-shearing system blocking the basket before the end of the descent.
  • A floor with a non-slip coating

In terms of comfort of use, the SEC compact aerial platforms provide all the features necessary to obtain an optimal grip:

  • Extension of the platform by more than 90 centimetres to increase the working surface.
  • Removable control box that can be placed around the entire perimeter of the upper rail of the basket and also allows the machine to be driven outside the basket.
  • Passage of standard size doors thanks to the compact structure of the frame and the folding guardrails
  • Ease of maintenance ensured by good accessibility to major components

SEC electric aerial platforms can carry up to 2 people and 318 kg in optimal conditions of comfort and safety. The maximum working height is 12 meters depending on the model.


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Aerial work platforms for your indoor handling operations

The electric aerial work platforms of the SEC range meet all your material handling needs. Contributing actively to the efficiency of your employees, our scissor lifts allow you to optimize your operations and increase profitability. Their level of performance makes them a reference for all logistics and industry professionals, particularly in the sectors of construction and civil engineering (air conditioning, electricity, heating, painting), industrial cleaning, logistics (inventory) and event operations.

Three products make up this range: the 78 and 100 SEC models, with a compact chassis offering a working height of 8 and 10 metres respectively.

SEC aerial work platforms are suitable for industrial handling work indoors and outdoors on flat ground. Specialist in handling solutions, Manitou puts its expertise at your service to find a model compatible with your activity.

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