Our ranges of Clamps

The Manitou range includes many compatible accessories to choose from according to your needs. Thus, a single machine can perform different functions. Manitou machines are versatile and adaptable. We have several models of clamps to grasp and transport different types of objects: Pots, Hangers, Bales wrapped or not, round or rectangular.

Did you know that?

At Manitou, we know that material handling equipment can represent a significant financial investment. This is why we have chosen to design our machines so that you can use them to their fullest potential. How do we do this? By developing interchangeable accessories. You can thus have different removable clamps to use depending on the task at hand.

Our range of clamps

Clamp models vary according to the type and number of bales or pots to be transported. The shape of the tines and the timing of the closing are two other important selection criteria. There are eight models of clamps available:

Our bale clamps

  • Super compact bale clamp;
  • Classic bale clamp ;
  • Intensive bale clamp ;
  • Square bale clamp;
  • Mixed bale clamp;
  • Wrapped round bale clamp;
  • Wrapped square bale clamp;

Our other clamps

  • Pot clamp
  • Rib handling clamp


Our ranges of bale clamps are compatible with MLT agricultural telescopic loaders, as well as with some MLA-T articulated loaders. Our other clamps are compatible with some MT, MHT and MRT (construction) telescopic handlers. Please note, however, that not all combinations are possible. Please check the compatibility between the model of your truck and the clamp you are planning to use with it.

Acquiring Manitou accessories is a great way to get the most out of your equipment. Indeed, it allows you to optimize the purchase and maintenance costs of your machine. When you use several attachments with the same machine, you increase its profitability and improve your return on investment.

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